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Guangdong Richeng Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.
맞춤 제조업체
주요 제품:세탁 세제, 직물 연화제, 세척 분말, 청소 제품, 식기 세척액
No. 1 부문 정시 납품Testing instruments (7)Multi-Language capability: Minor customizationSample-based customization
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   In the bustling and glorious Times Square of New York, with just a few seconds of advertising flashing, the Southern Guangdong merchant brand has made a strong debut, showcasing the great progress of the Richeng brand!
Thank you to Alibaba International Station for witnessing the witnessing Richeng brand step by step moving towards the world
and stepping onto the world's most expensive advertising spot - the Times Square screen in New York. We also appreciate the support and companionship of our partners and customers!
Our road is not only here, but also long and obstructed, and when we travel, we will arrive!